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Credit is a tool; not an extension of our income.

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Today's Credit Tip:

Credit is a tool that can allow us to take advantage of a lot of wealth building opportunities. The moment we begin to use our credit cards as a ‘buy until my paycheck comes' or ‘I'll just put it on a credit card, and spend $100s of dollar in interest because I really want it'; we miss out on the opportunities that great credit affords us:

Saving on basic expenses (you can even get electricity without having your credit pulled!); paying less in interest, better terms, higher approval limits, better insurance rates, #creditswag, and most importantly Negotiating Power. When your credit scores are on point your loan options open up, which means you'll find it much easier to obtain money for income-producing investments and business opportunities.

Trust that it is much less stressful to have creditors fighting for YOUR business versus the other way around.

Credit Class Starts October 9th!

Need help now getting your #creditswag up? We need to chat 🙂

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