Welcome to Conquer Your Credit!

It's time to flip the script on your credit! Say goodbye to those sleepless nights, we're stepping into a new day armed with credit confidence, and control!

Welcome to Conquer Your Credit!

It's time to flip the script on your credit! Say goodbye to those sleepless nights, we're stepping into a new day armed with credit confidence, and control!

Tired of Feeling Trapped by Your Credit Score? Let's Change That!

We've all been there—dejected, feeling chained, unable to make our dreams come true because of that three-digit number. It affects our ability to get a mortgage, finance a car, or even a higher-paying job. It's stressful, it's frustrating, and it feels like there's no way out. If your three-digit number is holding you back financially —homes, vehicles, even jobs—it’s time to rewrite your credit-script!

Your Path to Credit Confidence in Just 8 Days

We've stripped down the complex jargon to the simple truth. Imagine understanding your credit score, learning to handle disputes like a boss, and building credit confidence — all this without feeling judged, confused, or overwhelmed!

Picture This…

What sets us apart? Daily training videos explaining the mysteries of credit scores, activities that help you progress, and instructions on how to create your personalized plan of action that caters to your unique circumstances. You're not alone in this journey—you'll be part of a supportive community every step of the way. 

Turn Your Financial Fears into Financial Freedom!

It's time for a change. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by your credit score, learn how to take control and use it to your advantage. We've got the tools and resources you need to transform your financial life.

Your 8-Day Pathway to Credit Success!

Each day, you'll gain valuable insights and practical, hands-on experience in managing your credit. By the end of day 8-day, you'll have a clear roadmap to continue improving your credit score! This isn't just a quick fix—it's a lifelong skill.

Curriculum Overview

Mastering the Basics

Dive into the ABC's of credit scores and understand how they impact every corner of your financial life. This is your first step on your credit success journey!

Tackling Debt

Face debt head-on with our comprehensive guide. Learn how to manage and eliminate debt effectively to pave the way to financial freedom!

Your Rights and Credit Bureaus

Roll up your sleeves as we explore your rights when dealing with credit bureaus. Equip yourself with the knowledge to address inaccuracies on your credit report!

Your Rights and Collection Agencies

Understand your rights when dealing with collection agencies. Learn how to navigate these interactions, protect your interests, and work towards repairing your credit.

Navigating Dispute Responses

Master the art of dealing with dispute responses from credit bureaus and collection agencies. We provide you with the tools to handle any response effectively and keep your credit repair journey on track.

Healthy Credit Habits

Cultivate healthy credit habits that can boost your credit score over time. Understand the importance of consistency and making the right moves when managing your credit.

Future-Proofing Your Credit

Learn how to prepare for life events that could impact your credit score. We'll help you draft a roadmap to build credit resilience and shield your financial future.

Wrapping Up and Moving Forward

Celebrate your progress and chart the course for your future credit success. Remember, the journey doesn't end here - it's just the beginning!

Our Community Speaks Volumes

Meet Your Instructor!

Netiva “The Frugal CrediTnista” Heard is a Wife, Mother, Financial Empowerment Speaker, Author, Educator, Credit Counselor, Realtor, and ‘Real Life’ Budgeting Enthusiast!

It is her personal mission to Educate, Equip and Empower women and couples across the globe with the solutions they need to confidently & permanently Transform their finances.

Because of her passion for helping her clients, students, and members to accomplish their financial goals, they have designated her as “The Goal Crusher’s Credit Coach”. And she loves it!

With an MBA in Finance and certifications in the real estate and financial industry; Netiva has utilized her education, work history, and personal experiences to incite others to transition their finances from being financially limited to financially limit-less.


Transform Your Credit Today!

You've waited long enough. It's time to take control of your credit score and open the door to the opportunities you deserve. Let's conquer your credit together.

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