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Tired of Feeling Trapped by Your Credit Score? It’s time for a change. I have prepared daily training videos explaining the mysteries of credit scores, activities that help you progress and instructions on how to create your personalized plan of action to cater to your unique circumstances. From SMART Goal Setting, Money Mastery, to Fixing Your Credit - I’ve got you covered!

Your roadmap to breaking free from debt and paving the way to financial freedom. Conquer your student loans, master repayment, and master your future.

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Learn my complete process for disputing and tackling money that’s gone to collections, the specifics on how to spot violations and strengthen your dispute letters, my process for dealing with debt collectors over the phone, the best ways to respond to a debt collector letter and how to negotiate a settlement on a collection account and more.

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Looking for a way to get those pesky medical collections off of your credit report? Well look no further! Get this Medical Collection Dispute Guide and learn the top tips for settling Medical Collections, and strategies for avoiding Medical Debt being sent to collections.

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Fire Your Hard Inquiries

My Fire Your Hard Inquiries Masterclass will show you our proven methods that have helped our clients over the past 10 years! #DidYouKnow Getting hard inquiries removed from your credit reports requires a simple strategy that can be done via phone or mail; we’ll show you how!

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We’ve packed our Get Your Budget On! course with easy-to-follow, practical tips and strategies that you can begin implementing right away! You’ll learn the budgeting skills and strategies you need to jumpstart your journey to achieving the financial success you've always wanted. We want you to leave this course feeling confident and empowered to take control of your finances.

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Claim My Keys Homebuying Guide: Learn everything you’ll need to Claim the Keys to Your New Home! I’ll walk you through the steps to go from “I Want A Home!” to “I Got My Keys!” on the day of your closing.

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I am a mother of 2 beautiful black boys. Wife to one fine black man… I love traveling! I’ve been bi-coastal since 2019, calling Chicago, Charlotte, and Merida, MX home.
I LOVE financially empowering others. My mission is to help as many women and families as possible to defy wealth statistics and to transform the faces of ownership in our communities.
I’m a wine-luvin’ foodie! As a cancer survivor, I truly believe in living every millisecond to the fullest. I am a strong believer in financial empowerment through education. I am all about EEET – Educating, Equipping, Empowering & Transforming. I wake up feeling truly blessed to be a blessing to others!
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