Are You Living Above Your Means?

Credit restoration and proper budgeting tactics go hand in hand; whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional. Let’s face it, if you’re getting items removed from your credit and 2 months later new late payments, collections and charge offs are being reported; […]

How Safe Are WiFi Hotspots?

Have you ever wondered how safe you are when using open hotspots at your local bookstore or coffee shop? With the level of hackings going on, I’m paranoid about almost everything!  I mean let’s face it; we can’ even go to our local McD’s without […]

The Average Credit Score Has Gone Up

FICO released their update in April; stating that the average FICO score among American consumers has hit an all time high at 692; six points from October 2009’s score of 686. Looking at other statistics, mainly since the recession, we see that consumers are not […]