How Many Credit Cards Are Too Many?

How many credit cards should I have? That’s a common question, one that doesn’t have a straightforward answer. That’s because the “magic number” of credit cards depends on a lot of things, such as income level, debt, spending habits, expenses, and a myriad of other […]

Can Bank Fees Be Negotiated?

Bank fees are often the price of doing business with a bank. But can bank fees be negotiated, or better yet, removed altogether? The answer is yes, but it’s complicated.  Keep in mind that a bank is a business. They might be providing a free […]

How to Buy A Home after Bankruptcy

If you met with hard times and had no choice but to file bankruptcy, your dreams of homeownership aren’t over.  Today, bankruptcy isn’t a sign of failure. It’s a sign of a certain level of responsibility. You were able to realize you couldn’t get out […]