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I know that you are serious about Transforming Your Credit Scores for Good, that you are so ready to finally Kick Your Debts to the Curb, and start to Start Creating Wealth that'll lasts for generations, vs just paying bills every month! Did I get it right? I've been there. I wanted needed to start building something more than just debt, I needed to begin making smart wealthy-creating moves, and a Lit Credit Score was just the beginning.

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Introducing My BOMB.COM

Credit On Fire – Credit Building Academy

Credit on Fire Academy, takes the guesswork out of repairing your credit, by giving you a proven step-by step system for Repairing, Restoring, Rebuilding, & Transforming your Credit Scores!  It's the very same system that I use to help 100s of my own Credit Coaching clients every year to reach the #700sClub.
But, a Credit Transformation isn't just about “Credit” is it? NO! For this reason, you'll also be empowered with:

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What You’ll Receive Upon Enrollment

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Benefits of the Credit on Fire program

My Credit on Fire membership program is a crucial step to a complete transformation of your finances. We are more than an online members club, we are building a WEALTH CREATION MOVEMENT!
A movement to transform the faces of ownership in our communities, a movement to defy statistics for African Americans future wealth in our society and how we contribute to the world, a movement to build a solid foundation, so we can create generational wealth! Through this program our Wealth Creators have been able to:

But don’t take my word for it.
Here's what our current students have to say about our program!

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