The Frugal Creditnista

Whether you’re a Single Woman wanting to make a secure investment for the future,  or a Couple who’s planning a brighter future for your family, being a homeowner is a Giant Leap in the right direction!

You may be thinking that the prospect of owning a home isn’t a possibility because of your current financial circumstances or credit rating, but not only is it possible, it can be Done in As Little as 6 MONTHS or LESS!

Allow me to help you climb the property ladder way past renter and into homeowner status, with proven strategies for fast debt recovery, credit repair, smart budgeting and the best kept secrets to guarantee a home loan approval.

If you’ve just been denied a loan due to:

Don’t accept defeat, let me help you fight for what you deserve, a home to call your own.

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and dive into my 12 Week Rent 2 Home Program.

It’s specifically designed to ensure your next loan application gets the stamp of APPROVAL!

This groundbreaking program has been specifically developed to provide solid stepping stones to submitting successful loan applications. I will be sharing the tools, resources, knowledge and strategies for:

Is Your Situation Complicated?

You’ll get direct access to Mortgage & Real Estate Experts for professional guidance and immediate answers to your questions and concerns.

Just finished College? High Student Loan Debt?

Don’t worry, we have a Student Loan Expert on board to answer questions from recent graduates on applying for home loans, as well as graduates with $50,000+ student loan debts.

If you’ve just been denied a loan due to:

I’m Netiva, known as ”The Frugal CrediTnista” and I understand firsthand the overwhelming feeling of disappointment when a home loan application is denied. I’ve dedicated 13 years of my career to assisting couples, families and single women in securing quality loans to purchase their dream home.

My longstanding expertise, experience and network of property, financial and insurance experts give me the advantage of being able to tactically help you design a custom strategy that suits your particular situation whilst permitting you to purchase a home that you truly love.

The thought of applying for a loan after being refused is daunting but just remember that this time is going to be different, as I’m here to help you every step of the way.

We’re in this together.

A large majority of loan applications fail not due to any disqualifying factor of the applicant but because of poor preparation. If you’ve been working hard, saving harder and even paying your bills on time but still got denied, this program will help you pinpoint and alleviate any weak points in your application.

Get ready to learn how to:

Financial hurdles or blockages are temporary setbacks that can be strategically managed and removed with professional assistance. My mortgage approval preparation process takes a deep look into your finances and directly tackles obstacles to becoming lender qualified.

The personal finance side of this course will guide you through:

Home loan applications can be daunting and confusing for most first-time buyers. Unfamiliar terminology, unclear definitions and multiple categories can create so much confusion that you become too confused or too anxiety-ridden to confidently complete your application.

 My 12 Week Intensive, Rent 2 Home Challenge will make the entire application seem like a breeze. With step-by-step guidance for all types of home loans and assistance for every situation or circumstance you’ll feel at ease and confident that your application has been correctly completed and submitted.

This program isn’t a simple one solution fits all strategy. I’ll be providing information, tools and resources that will help anyone put forward stronger home loan applications. I also offer all subscribers direct contact to loan experts so you get direct answers to your questions and receive information that pertains to your specific circumstance.

No circumstance or situation is too difficult or too complicated to build a winning strategy that will remove any obstacles to your power to buy a home and remedy any problems that have thus far hindered your progress.

You will benefit from the personal and individual approach taken to help you get approved for a loan that will see you walk into a home you love.

In just a few simple steps you can be one of the 74% of subscribers who are home owners in just 6 months.

Once you’re subscribe for the program I will guide you through a comprehensive week by week strategy which includes:

All the hacks, tips and tricks to make the next 90 days of your life the most rewarding steps towards your new home are just a click away.

Don’t delay any further join today and make a commitment to getting the home you want.

The Rent to Home Program is 100% geared toward your success. That’s why I’m also throwing in:

With expert assistance at every level and at every stage there’s never been a better guarantee to becoming lender qualified in just 6 months.

 So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get your loan approved so you can purchase your dream home!