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The Credit Bureaus Verified My Debt As Mines

A Realtor in my office said this to me. She's attempting to repair her credit on her own using a DIY kit purchased online and is quickly finding it's not as simple or easy as advertised. When we send out a dispute or validation letter, very rarely will the credit bureaus, collection agency or original creditor say “You know what? All of this stuff is wrong; we'll delete right away!”. Too much money for them to lose by making it that easy. So what to do….

Did the credit bureaus really verify? According to Black Law Dictionary; to verify means to “To confirm or substantiate by oath ; to show to be true” and “Confirmation of the correctness, truth, or authenticity of a pleading, account, or other paper, by an affidavit, oath, or deposition.” Oath here means a sworn testimony. Someone with first hand knowledge that the debt is yours.

Basically the credit bureaus cannot just say “It's Verified!”. They need to provide proof. Who did they verify with? Whom did they speak with? What is their contact information? What methods did they used to verify if none of the above can be provided? And…

Did you give this person whom they verified with (if applicable) permission to furnish information on your credit report? Look at Fair Credit Reporting Act §603(o)(5)(A)(i; iii) {available on FTC website). Is there a form on file with your signature; or a court order authorizing them to furnish this information?

It may take several attempts to get an item removed from your credit report; it takes persistence and knowledge of the law. DON'T GIVE UP!

If would like to partner with someone to assist you in removing derogatory items from your credit report; give us a cal! We've successfully removed over 750,000 items from our client's credit reports by using our knowledge of the law; legal definitions as described above; the verbiage in our dispute letters; and the way we follow up using legal enforcement. We are very good at what we do and it shows in the improvement of our client's credit scores. Ph: 708-872-0811

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