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Don’t Let the Credit Bureaus Fool You!

If you've started repairing your credit, you'll quickly realize it's not as easy as some would make it appear.

You've probably also noticed that the credit bureaus will do anything and everything to dissuade you from pursuing your dispute with every response. I visited Experian's website to find a fax number and came across an educational page that had the gall to state that the burden of proof to verify if a debt is valid lies in the hand of the consumer; LIES. The credit bureaus need to PROVE that they have been placing accurate and up to date information on your credit file – especially if it's negative.

Another credit bureau's website stated that a customer's ‘file' is also known as their credit report… Umm No. A credit report and the credit file they are supposed to keep on every consumer with a credit report are 2 completely different things. Your credit report is self explanatory; your credit file contains disputes, your written authorization to report information – negative or positive – on your credit report; any 100 – word statements; copies and contact information used to verify that a debt is truly yours pursuant to sections 603 and 604 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Don't let the credit bureaus throw lies at you; fight back!

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