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Where Should I Pull My Credit Report From?

People ask me this all the time. I can honestly say the most accurate ones come directly from the three (3) credit bureaus. Another option is the one that the credit bureaus support in which you get 1 free one a year: www.annualcreditreport.com.

If you want a score, the most accurate scores will be the FICO score at www.myfico.com (no it's not free).

Any other score is either a Vantage score (another scoring company started by the 3 major credit bureaus) or a consumer educational score.

Then there are the ‘others'.

Since the Equifax report on Annual Credit Report is always 40+ pages (waaaay too long) I always recommend getting an Equifax report at www.quizzle.com instead – its FREE!

There are other free sites such as CreditKarma.com, which offers great tools and provides you with your Transunion and Equifax reports with Vantage Scores but honestly, the data is not always accurate.

Next are the credit monitoring websites that offer a free report(s) and a version of a credit score (there are several). It's either free or $1 for a limited time (7 days to 30 days) and then you have to cancel or be charged anywhere from $12.95 – 29.95/mth.

The ones I've had the most success with are:

1. Credit Score Pro:  They offer all 3 credit reports for $1 and the monitoring service is free for 7 days.

2. Credit Check Total:  Same info as above and the same score, – PLUS score created by Experian – the advantage of this one is that if you call and cancel before the 7 day limit they'll reduce the monthly fee as low as $12.95. They offer all 3 credit reports for $1 and the monitoring service is free for 7 days.

3. Identity Guard:  Free for 30 days, reports are ok but not as good as credit score pro and credit check total

4. Privacy Guard:  Similar to Identity Guard, I actually like their reports little a better BUT it's not free for 30 days. Their offer is $1 for 14 days.

5. My IQ Report:  I like the easy to read reports given, data is average they don't have a free or $1 for limited time offer, it's just $16.95 per month.

Hope this helps!

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