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Be Grateful For What You DO Have

Today I said ‘Hello, how are you doing?' to a young woman and she said: “Blessed to wake up, blessed for this job and grateful for my last $5 to get me there!”

How awesome is that?! In most cases, a person would be stressed that they were down to their last $5, feeling down and out and counting the seconds to payday on Friday, but here this woman was singing praises. And you know what? I bet her positive attitude will attract many more blessings in her life.

Being grateful for who and what we have at this very second in life is an important step in shifting mental priorities and attracting more positive things into our lives – finances included.

“Today I am grateful for my family, to be in a business I am 110% passionate about, for the individuals who entrust their financial goals and dreams to me, and you who take the minutes out of your day to support my site!”

What are you grateful for? STAND UP & SHOUT IT OUT!

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