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I really love Dunkin Donuts coffee; I mean just typing this I can taste it on my palate and even smell it (closing eyes and breathing in deeply).

So, as a test to myself (and because I want to have a semi-luxury trip this fall instead of a super cheap one, lbvvvvvvvvvs), I decided to cut it out completely and save that $5 in my vacation account.

End result? $5 a day starting 10/1 and I now have an extra $755 in my Vacation Account as of Feb 26, 2015; whoo hoo!!!

Now, I'm tempted to put it towards this ever daunting student loan debt; but since my LOVE is a vacationing, I'm going on vacation. Please believe Navient/Dept of Ed are getting enough of my monthly income!

I posted this to prove that putting away a little a day can REALLY REALLY add up! I get so many people that tell me that they can't afford to put anything towards savings because each pay period they have more month than money. Solution?

Start small, make a habit of it and watch it accumulate. Consider this; I have a young client who eats out for breakfast and lunch every day. I did the same thing so I can't blame her. She gives up 1 of those meals per day – so she pays for breakfast OR lunch, and puts $5-10 a day in a savings account. She has over $1200 saved now; AND she's learning about meal planning and shopping with a grocery list, which are things that will last her a life time.

So disregard the amount you are saving and just focus on building a savings habit.

What's your financial testimony today?????

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