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Identify Your Money Kryptonite

One of the first steps to becoming a SMART Money Manager is knowing what your money-habit weaknesses are. Is it stress? Boredom? Lack of meal planning? Time management? Shopping? Dining out? Travel? Unexpected Expenses?

By identifying the big or little things that throw our money management goals waaay off track, we can better plan around those things so that we can either eliminate them , or find ways to greatly avoid them.

My Kryptonite: Business Time Management which leads to excessive dining out and shopping.

I have a monthly budget set aside for entertainment (which includes eating out), however there are times (like this month) when life happens and all that grocery food in the fridge sits there as we chow down on restaurant food. How can I avoid this?

Well, I plan my own schedule so I knew that long hours and late nights were in store a couple weeks in advance. What I should have done was planned some freezer meals so that all we had to do was warm it and eat. Now that I've calculated how much I've spent fattening someone else's pockets for March ….. I'm disgusted.

Buckling down; Regrouping and Planning better for April! My money has better things to do than to increase the bottom line of my local Chinese, Pizza, Caribbean, etc Restaurant!!!

*And Yours Does Too :)* What's Your Kryptonite?

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