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Toolerize Your Money!

SMART Money is all about having a purpose for our money, this is what ‘toolerizes' it so that it is constantly working FOR us, rather than we working for it.

How can you do this? Constantly writing goals for our money.

I had an opportunity to conduct a workshop for an organization for about 300 H.S. students graduating this year. It was a first; I primarily work with adults but I can tell you; our money habits definitely pass down to our children.

A large group had no knowledge of savings, how to develop and maintain credit scores or a budget. Another group could care less, all they could think about is what they would do with their money and made their college-career decisions based on income and not passion; and another lot just felt as long as they could pay their bills they were fine. THIS IS HIGH SCHOOL!

As parents we always want more for our children; a part of becoming Smart Money Managers is so that we can pass our knowledge down to our children. There were a lot of other professionals there – student finance consultants, credit counselors, banking representatives – it was intense but I could tell quite a few of them were really empowered.

How Are You Passing Down Financial Knowledge To Your Children?

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