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What Are Your Budget Busters?

In order to stay on track financially, it's important to know your budget busters. Namely the things that screw up the plans you have for your money or bring you over budget.

For me it's car expenses, groceries, and medical expenses (kids).

Knowing creates awareness so that you can start putting money aside for those expenses per month. The envelope system works great for this.

I have an envelope that I put a lil sumthin sumthin aside for items that have gotten me off track in the past. With groceries I've gotten much better over the last 2 years; but medical is pretty new since our insurance plan has changed, along with deductibles, co-pays and we now have 2 children who suffer from asthma; thus the winter months are HORRENDOUS in regards to medical expenses.

Now mind you, envelopes are not necessary, some use separate accounts, shoe boxes, socks, what ever you choose, just ensure you create a habit of putting a little something aside so that when ‘life happens' the sting will not hurt as bad.

My favorite envelope system? Spendvelopes; I think these things are adorbs! I have them as prizes at my workshops.  Check 'em out and let me know what you think :).



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