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What Do You Do When Your Inaccurate Information Comes Back As Verified With the Credit Bureaus?

Well; you have a few options.

If it is a collection agency, you can send out a validation letter asking for proof of the debt (among other things).

If it is the original creditor you can send an investigative letter asking for documentation of the debt during the entire life of the loan.

AND/OR you can go back to the bureaus and ask for:

1. Method of Verification used to verify the debt
2. Name, Number, Email/Mailing address (if applicable) of person(s) contacted during the investigation
3. Copy of Documentation in your filed used to prove that the info reporting is in fact accurate

One thing you should never do? Let it remain!

The FTC released a report stating most Americans simply let their negative information stay on their credit reports after a credit bureau ‘verification'. A lot of those negative items remaining caused increased interest rates and less than perfect credit terms. Umm, no.

Keep disputing until you see results!

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