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What Truly Makes You Happy?

What Makes You Happy?

I spoke to a group of college students last week and asked that question.

Many started listing items that only money could buy. So… I took that out 🙂
Taking money completely out of the equation:

What Makes You TRULY Happy?

For me it's spending time with family, reading a good book with a nice sized glass of red wine, nice hot bubble baths, family picnics and a nice romantic walks with the hubby.

Learning how to obtain happiness independent of money is very important, especially when you're making strides to be an effective SMART Money Manager.

The Opportunity Checks that we earn have a lot of jobs – meeting basic necessities and our Loves, saving, investing, etc – and tying our core Happiness to it should not be one of them. Money does not bring happiness; it certainly makes life easier! Lol

What Truly Makes You Happy?

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