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Your Paycheck = Your Opportunity Check

It's Monday afternoon; if you got paid last Friday what did you do with your Opportunity Check?

Many of us simply live Paycheck to Monday and do the same exact thing the next time we get paid. I did the same thing, whether is was Paycheck to Monday or closing check to closing check. Either way my mentality was the same.

It wasn't until the recession hit that I realized I blew through a 6-figure income during the real estate years and had very little to show for it. Something HAD to change. I quickly realized that every time money comes into my hands I had an Opportunity to change my financial situation for the better, or blow it on bills, shopping, eating out or some other form of entertainment. By deciding to put my money to work by saving and investing; thereby creating more money; I could create more Opportunities that would allow me to do the things I want to do (and that I cut out to be able to find the money to invest).

Your money should always be working harder than you do. Another pay period is coming up:

What Will You Do With Your Next Opportunity Check?

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