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Have Your Speech Reflect Your Desires

Money SMART Mondays:

Have Your Speech Reflect Your Desires

I counsel a lot of individuals who have experienced financial setbacks and have been trying for quite sometime to get everything back on track.  When I listen to them, the #1 common denominator:  Their mindset.

How are you going to attract better finances, better credit, more income, etc if your mind is constantly hearing negative speech from… YOU?!   

Well you won't; not long-term anyway.  Nothing positive can exist where negative dominates. 

Your #1, zero-no-higher cheerleader should always be you.  Your voice, your thoughts and your feelings about yourself matter more than anyone else's.  

Do you want better?  Start THINKING & SPEAKING better.

“I set goals for my money and I ACCOMPLISH THEM”
“I am an EXPERT at budgeting”
“My credit scores are great, because I am great at meeting my financial obligations”
“I am destined for GREATNESS”

I'll be honest, initially it will feel like you're totally lying to yourself.  Give it 7 days, non-stop and I guarantee you'll feel differently about your relationship with your money.  

To get started, keep a notebook of every negative thought or sentence you make in relation to your finances and make a concerted effort to write a NEW and more POSITIVE sentence to turn it around.  Repeat that sentence as many times as necessary until you feel those little flip flops in your tummy that lets you know you're on to something bigger, better and AMAZING!

Happy Monday!!!! 🙂

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