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Create a Spending Plan That You Love!

My most recent client called the budget we collectively created for her “Wealth Generator”.

Most people perceive budgeting as a restriction or some form of deprivation. That couldn't be farther from the truth. I've stated time and time again, that if you don't tell your dollars where to go, they'll simply line the pockets of another to help them fund their money goals. Now, who's goals are more important? Theirs or YOURS?!

Budgets Reveal Money Secrets –

~Am I Earning Enough
~Am I Saving Enough
~Am I Spending More Than I Earn
~Am I Investing Enough
~Does My Spending Match My Money Goals & Values
To name a few.

Budget = Empowerment; there is no way you can set or meet a monetary goal without using the #1 tool – a realistic spending plan.

When starting out, sometimes it's best to just start one paycheck at a time. When I used to help persons create budgets per month, I quickly realized that if you don't get paid once a month; you don't think ‘once a month'. We think paycheck to paycheck; similar to how I used to think closing check to closing check as a realtor.

Working your way up from paycheck to paycheck, then month to month, to quarter to quarter, then year to year, to eventually creating money goals that span 3, 5, 10+ years out is the ultimate key to create long-term realistic spending plans to achieve any goals you set for your finances.

Hope this helps!

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