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Develop the habit of Paying Yourself First

I'll never forget when my mom used to tell me to save at least $25 from each paycheck when I got my first job at 15.  I only made $6.50 per hour so $25 was like half a hair do, maybe getting my nails done AND lunch at my fav restaurant.  Why the heck would I just let my money sit in a bank when it could be put to better use spending on something that I wanted to do?

Man am I glad I got over that mentality!  Interestingly enough, a lot of us are over 30, or even over 40 and think the same way!  Time to grow up guys.  We could get away with that in our teens and fresh 20s but when 30+ hits, typically so do the ‘real' bills.

My tip:  Start small, have it paid directly from your employer to your savings account via direct deposit, let it accumulate – DO NOT TOUCH IT!

There is no way a creditor, a restaurant, a hair stylist, a clothing store or any other business should get any of your money before you do.

Have a GREAT Wednesday!!!

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