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Make Sure To Read the Notes When Reviewing Your Credit Reports

Happy Thursday!

When reviewing your credit reports on a credit monitoring sites, make sure to read the notes as well. The pic below was taken from Credit Karma, which highlighted 3 companies still reporting as an active collections 2 years AFTER my client was discharged from her Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Yes that's illegal. Once you have been discharged from bankruptcy certain debts go away as well – Permanently.

Once these companies are removed (who are still actively reporting each month) her scores will soar well into the 700s (at 683 now).

Stalk the data folks, not just the credit score smile emoticon

And as always if you need assistance, please feel free to give me a call! We have an excellent 12 Month “Fresh Start” Program for those that have been recently discharged from Bankruptcy that works with you in highlighting errors such as this for deletion, rebuilding your credit, AND MORE!

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