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My Dispute Was Verified; Now What?


Question: I disputed a collection account that is listing the wrong amount. I have proof from a validation letter they gave me what do I do now?

Answer: In this case the bureaus and the collection agency are at fault. Where do the bureaus get the info from? The companies that are reporting it to them! Therefore, once they validated the true balance due and it differed from the balance reporting, the collection agency should have updated it.

With collections, however, you want a deletion. An update will do absolutely NOTHING to improve your credit. So you have a few options:

1. Ask the bureaus for their method of investigation – you're asking them to provide you with the procedures they used when investigating your account. Make sure you request the name, address, telephone number of the person they spoke with at the collection agency..

2. You can re-dispute stating the collection agency was not able to verify the balance that they verified so how could they? Include what date they verified it with you and who signed the validation letter.

This should do to start; if you would like a consultation or help drafting your letter feel free to reach out to me!

~ Netiva

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