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“Get Your Credit Reports & Dispute Everything!” – Umm No!

I have to address something and puleez know that this comes from a place of love.

“Get Your Credit Reports & Dispute Everything!”


This is not a PLAN. If you are looking to purchase a home and to do it quickly; ‘dispute everything' is not an option for some very specific reasons:

1. What reason will you use for disputing each and every negative item on your report???? “It's not mine”? That's easily provable. Do you really think the bureaus will think that every single negative items isn't yours?

This is called jamming the system and unfortunately some professionals use this method as well and it's not worth the money paid to them by people who need REAL credit assistance.

What the bureaus will do is place a fraud alert on your credit report, which makes it difficult for you to get approved by certain lenders and credit card companies, and rebuilding is a MAJOR part of the credit improvement process.

2. When you jam the system some creditors will not be able to respond within the 30 days; YAY DELETION. They respond after the 30 days; BOOO IT'S BACK! Yes, this ‘method' has the highest rate of reinsertion than any other credit repair tactic there is!

Why go through the emotional roller coaster?

3. Has the highest rate of ‘frivolous' letters. This is one of the reasons that the bureaus electronic systems are in place. To weed out these types of tactics. You send a bogus letter saying “all of my negative stuff is wrong!”. They will either (A) immediately send out a frivolous letter; or (B) delete the ones that couldn't respond in that time frame; reinsert it later on and then refuse to investigate the item any further.

You think “Oh! They can't do that!” They can; it's in the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

4. You risk removing items that are negative NOW but has positive credit history that is STILL POSITIVELY IMPACTING YOUR CREDIT SCORES! Say Whaaa??? Yes; some negative items carry good positive history that is helping your credit scores from sinking even lower if they weren't there. Removing them will cause your scores to drop.

This is why you must be aware of what is affecting your scores and find FACTUAL ERRORS to dispute no matter how small – dates; balances; account numbers; creditor name; account type; etc – and pulling on your consumer rights to ensure that the creditor; bureaus, etc can properly validate/verify any and all accounts on your credit report.

I have a list of the most common FACTUAL ERRORS that I encounter when reviewing reports in the link attached.

If you feel you need assistance pinpointing exactly what you should be doing to improve your credit scores; schedule a Credit Chat here.

I have a Full Service Credit Improvement Option, as well as Do-It-Yourself products to help you in your journey!

Hope this helps 🙂

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