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How Do You Determined When A Closed Paid Student Account, Will Be Removed?



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Q: Good afternoon everyone, Ms. Netiva I have a question. With student loans on your credit report how do you determine the 7 year date for them to be removed….Do you go by the Date opened date or the status updated date? Or can they even be removed?

I have some on my report that are very old but it shows late/and or derogatory. Please Help Netiva Heard! They are closed and the balance is 0 Thanks in advance!

A: The account would be removed 10 years from date the acct was closed since it was closed in a positive status. The late payment history will be removed 7yrs from occurrence, if lates are consecutive, it will be removed 7yrs from first late in the series.

Ex- 30, 60, 90, 120 … All will be deleted from the 30 day late

Hope this helps 🙂

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