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Looking To Soar Your Credit Scores? Paying your debts on time makes up 35% of your credit scores.

Payment history makes up the biggest chunk of our credit scores. If you have poor payment history in the past – or the present – the best thing to do for your payment history is to begin making payments on time; EVERY TIME.

To help, consider setting up reminders with your creditor or via a budgeting app such as Mint/Mint Bills. Some banks offer payment reminders via their online banking portals. Consider enrolling in auto-bill pay with your bank or directly through the creditor.

Paying all of your debts on time also saves you money! The fees associated with late payments truly add up, even if you make a payment after the due date but before the late payment appears on your credit report; you'll still have to pay the penalty fee for paying after the due date.

Who has time for that? 🙂
Hope this helps!!!

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