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Can you truly remove valid late payments, from your credit report?

Q: Netiva, quick question, some places advertise the ability to remove late payment entries but can you truly have valid information removed? If you were late, you were late & is there such a thing as waiting it out until you have enough current payments come thru that those lates stop reporting?
In my mind if you didn't pay on time you were late & it's not disputable​, ​I have ​also ​seen folks indicate mass mailings as if inundating them is the key. Lol

​A: ​The removal of accurate EVENTS is based on if you can find something wrong with how its reporting, or to request info to see if they can verify what they are reporting. Timely payments make late payment history not report as negatively​, however, paying on time does not remove the late payment history​. You actually get a few more points for bringing a past due ​account current.

The decision to remove accurate, verifiable events from your report lies with the creditor​.​​
​Remember, we (finance professionals), you, all of us can remove lates if we find an error or info isn't 100% on point

​But please, ​Lawd no, mass mailings​!!! That does nothing but jam the system and plush the negative info tends to come back on our reports eventually because there was no valid reason for it being removed in the first place.
Law: All info must report accurately whether the event is factual or not. It's the factual reporting you're disputing not whether the event is true or not (in this case).

​Hope this helps 🙂

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