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Leave Sleeping Debts Alone

Happy Tuesday 🙂

Last week I had about 4 people get sued and one that had a dormant judgment petitioned to be revived. Why?

Because they wanted every single negative item removed from their credit reports.
If a debt that is within your statute of limitations, is unpaid, and you know they probably have all the documentation they need to validate and verify the debt, LEAVE THEM ALONE!

If they meet all of the above requirements and they have not been mailing, calling or even reporting on your credit reports recently, PULEEZ DO NOT send them a validation letter!!!

Now, there are ways to win the lawsuit (starting with showing up), however, it's a situation that can be avoided by building positive credit around the negative.
You do this by adding positive lines of credit keeping balances super low, and paying everything on time.

Credit Classes Start October 9th, 2016 (and yes, we'll be covering this 🙂 )

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