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My judgment was deleted, do I still have to pay it?

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Today's Question: Hi Netiva, using your dispute letters and videos on Periscope I was able to get my judgment deleted!!!! My scores increased by 52 points, do I have to still pay this or can I ignore it?

Answer: Congratulations!!!! Umm, yes you are still liable for the debt.

Removing the item from your credit report, is just that, removing it from your credit report. It will NOT remove it from the public record, will NOT remove your liability for the debt and it will NOT remove your debt from the creditor's books.

Removing it did, however, increase your scores, which will allow you to access everyday items and credit for a cheaper rate – insurance, utilities, etc.
Good credit saves money in the short and long run.

Now IF you have to pay the judgment or not is a different story. Roughly 80% of judgments are never paid. You may never hear from this creditor again, it may expire and you won't have to pay.

If you plan on obtaining a home, getting security clearance for a job or starting a biz where you'll need to seek funding any time soon, you may want to be proactive and settle it.

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  1. Hi my name is Myrna I’m legally blind ever since i went on Social Security thing havent be going well with my credit I disputed the three credit bureau and somethings came off then I disputed second time they said is verified so i don’t know what to do I’m not good at rhis I can’t be writing letters it’s hard for me and i call today my insurance they gave me a hard time the insurance call collection to find about the bill but now they want me find out aboutthe lap corp and collection is going to send me a letter to sign so then I have to send it to my insurance

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