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Can my employer gain access to my credit reports?

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Q: I am going through a divorce and my credit is shot. He is not paying the bills that he usually pays and I can't afford to pay them with my income. Until our divorce is finalized and the judge rules who pays what, it is what it is. My question is, my credit was pulled when I got this job and it was pretty good, now that it's in the low 600s, can they see this? I don't want my job to be at risk, I'm in banking.

A: Hi, I'm sorry you're going through this, divorce can be pretty tough. Fortunately, no your employer cannot gain access to your credit information unless you have given them written permission. The original permission you gave them was probably during the interview process and is not a ‘gain access whenever you want' document. You should review your new hire info or check with human resources to see if you gave them permission to occasionally review your credit information at will. This is very rare, so I doubt it but it doesn't hurt to check.

I'd also communicate what is going on with your creditors, you may be able to put some things on hold or enter some form of hardship arrangements that align with your budget.

Hope this helps 🙂

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