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I opened a new card over a month ago and it’s not reporting, what can I do?

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Q: Hi Netiva, I opened up a credit card with Capital One as you suggested and I've had it for about 6 weeks or so now. The problem is, it's not showing on any of my credit reports, I got the card to build credit, if it's not going to report what was the point! How can I get them to report the account to the credit bureaus?

A: Hello! 6 weeks is kinda long for Capital One, but I'd call them up to see if they did in fact report and when (ask them for their reporting date and if they reported your info to the bureaus). It can take up to 60 days for some reports to show on your credit, but if you want to be proactive now and call, do so 🙂

If Capital One did report and the date they reported the info is longer about 2wks or so, I'd call the bureaus to see if they received the information. In some minor cases, a technical glitch can occur and once notified they can fix it. You can also write in, but for something as simple as this, it's easier to get it rectified over the phone.

Hope this helps!

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