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Frugal Valentine’s Day Ideas for Conscious Consumers

Christmas may be the most expensive holiday, but Valentine’s Day isn’t far behind. Consumer reports estimate the average couple spends $143.56 on V-Day activities, gifts, and food. That’s not exactly pocket change for most of us.

Here’s the truth: you don’t have to go into debt to show your love. I’m sharing some of my favorite ways to be frugal on Valentine’s Day without seeming cheap:

#1 – Enjoy a Candlelit Picnic

Skip the overcrowded, overpriced restaurants – they’re not worth it! Instead, pack a picnic dinner with a bottle of wine and a few candles, find a spot with a view, and enjoy an alfresco meal under the stars. It’s more intimate and personal than any restaurant, not to mention more memorable. (If you’re in a cold-weather state, indoor picnics are awesome!)

#2 – Skip the Store-Bought Gifts

Even simple gifts like chocolates or roses can set you back $40 or more. Not to mention you’re wasting time in line at the store or paying for delivery fees. Instead, opt for a gift that speaks to their desires that stores don’t stock on their shelves.

For example, a busy mom might like an afternoon to herself without the kids. A working husband might enjoy a foot rub or night out with the guys.

Don’t be afraid to ask your partner what they really want. Your only limit is your own creativity.

#3 – Spend Quality Time Together

Spending quality time together, such as renting a movie or going for a bike ride, make memories that last longer than roses or chocolates. Do something both of you can enjoy together, even if it’s as simple as going for a walk or tackling a home project.

#4 – Write Each Other Love Notes

The art of writing love notes leaves a lasting impact. Leave a sticky note on the bathroom mirror for your loved one to find first thing in the morning. Or, leave a letter in the mailbox and let them discover it after work.

If you’re feeling extra creative, you can turn a series of love notes into a scavenger hunt around your home (or the city) that leads them to a surprise picnic or other gift.

#5 – Attend a Free Event

Check your community to see if there are any free concerts or events nearby. Live music at a local bar or a free movie screening can be just as good as the ones you pay for. Bonus points: your event doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day to count as your V-Day date night.

#6 – Create a Mix CD

Compiling your loved one’s favorite songs on a CD isn’t just a gift they’ll use, it’s a gift they’ll treasure. It takes thought and dedication to bring their favorite songs or artists into a playlist. But rest assured they’ll think of you every time they listen to it.

#7 – Set a Spending Limit

If you and your significant other decide to exchange gifts for Valentine’s Day, consider setting a spending limit. Aim for a low amount that makes your loved one feel special but won’t send you into debt.

Show Your Finances Some Love, Too!

Showing how much you love someone shouldn’t sink you into debt. When you show your finances some love, you automatically show you care about providing the best life for your loved one. That gift is better than anything you’d find in a store.

Have more tips and insights on living a frugal Valentine’s Day? List them below! I’d love to hear them ?.

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